Mighty Moments - Online Family Wellbeing Activities
Mighty Moments - Online Family Wellbeing Activities

Local Woman Supporting Kids’ and Parents’ Mental Health

Confidence Coach and Founder of Mighty Me, Katie McCray, is running an online event for Queensland Mental Health Week to support families and foster resilience in children and parents alike. The Mighty Moments event runs from the 10th to 18th October and is accessible online via the Queensland Mental Health Week website.

Queensland Mental Health Week is an annual awareness week that aims to shine a spotlight on individual and community mental health and wellbeing. The initiative is linked to National Mental Health Week and World Mental Health Day, which occurs on October 10th each year.

The theme for Queensland Mental Health Week in 2020 is 'Take Time for Mental Health'. Being a teacher and confidence coach for kids, Ms. McCray designed the Mighty Moments event to help families take time to enjoy some mighty moments together and prioritise their connections and wellbeing.

"A Mighty Moment is a mindful activity where you intentionally spend time doing something that you enjoy" says Ms. McCray.

The program is designed to support families with resources that facilitate quality time together and prompt activity and conversation around the 'six simple actions' of the QMHW initiative: get healthy, keep learning, show kindness, connect more, take notice and embrace nature.

At Mighty Me, we believe that being your own bestie is so important and we recognise the value of connecting with loved ones and the world around us."

Ms. McCray explains, "The idea of taking time sounds simple, but we all know that life can become so busy and it can be a struggle to create time for the things we enjoy with the people we care about the most. The Mighty Moments event includes a Be Your Own Bestie and Family Fun activity sheet as well as a 'choose your own fun' option for those who want to create activities that suit their needs.

Queensland Mental Health Week encourages all of us to think about our mental wellbeing, regardless of whether or not we have a lived experience of mental illness.

Join the Mighty Moments Event here: https://www.qldmentalhealthweek.org.au/event/2020-mighty-moments/

For further information on Mighty Me go to mighty-me.com or contact Katie McCray on hello@mighty-me.com