Lindsay Lohan in a scene from Scary Movie 5.
Lindsay Lohan in a scene from Scary Movie 5. Contributed

Lohan's scary performance leads to another film flop

LINDSAY Lohan appears to have racked up yet another film flop after Scary Movie 5 debuted to disappointing numbers at the US box office on Friday.

The troubled actress stars alongside Charlie Sheen and Ashley Tisdale in the latest instalment of the poorly-reviewed horror parody franchise.

It attracted just $5.8m on its opening Friday, with industry experts at Deadline projecting a three-day gross of $13.4m.

Baseball biopic 42 is expected to top this week's chart with $25m.

The previous film in the fading franchise, 2006's Scary Movie 4, managed a much healthier $40.2m opening weekend in the US and a global total of $178.3m.

The substantial drop in box office receipts suggests audiences are becoming tired of the parody genre.

The first Scary Movie made $278m in 2000, but more recent spoofs Meet The Spartans and Vampires Suck barely crawled above $80m despite being based on blockbuster films.

In 2008, Disaster Movie earned just $34.8m.

Scary Movie 5's saving grace is that with a budget of just $20m, it stands a fair chance of making its money back.

But it continues a run of dud Lindsay Lohan films.

Last Month, Inappropriate Comedy earned a dismal $172,000 over one weekend, while her portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor in TV movie Liz & Dick drew more laughs from critics than Scary Movie 5.

In her analysis of the film, Stephanie Merry of the Washington Post wrote: "Perhaps the filmmakers sat in a lab, rubbing their temples while wondering aloud how awful they could make a movie and still score at the box office."

Not quite this awful, it seems.