PROPOSAL: Richard asks Emma to marry him.
PROPOSAL: Richard asks Emma to marry him. Contributed

Love in the air as beau pops question after tandem skydive

EMMA Cosburn and Richard Elliott fell out of the sky and into love when they became engaged in the most exhilarating way imaginable.

The UK couple set off for a tandem skydive yesterday morning to celebrate Valentine's Day from 8000 feet.

The weather was stunning and they planned to skydive and land on Currimundi Beach.

The first time skydivers will now have a story to tell after walking away with their hearts pumping and a ring on Emma's finger.

Sunshine Coast Skydivers tandem master Luis Maldonado was in on Richard's plan.

Mr Maldonado jumped second clipped to Emma, to ensure Richard went first and had time to land and prepare before the big question.

"We always get a handful of proposals every year, it's great," Mr Maldonado said.

"As soon as Richard was unclipped he got down on one knee and proposed and I believe his two parents were on the ground to see the whole thing.

"Emma was a good passenger, a little nervous at first, but she was pumped.

"Proposals were probably the last thing on her mind at the time.

"Her reaction was the usually reaction with hands over the face and she was overwhelmed, but it was a quick 'yes' when he asked her to marry him."