SHOW: Lismore comedy rock band Humans of Lismore.
SHOW: Lismore comedy rock band Humans of Lismore.

Lovemore will release cupids next week

CUPIDS of Lovemore is the name of the upcoming event organised by comedy rock band Humans of Lismore.

The event follows the last couple of shows held by the band, which follow a late night TV program format.

The show will include an opening comedy monologue, interviews with local politicians (in this case, Greens councillor Vanessa Ekins) plus music and comedy performances by Dappa Dan, Kate Stroud, Ben Wilson, John Taylor and band Black Ghost Party.

Humans of Lismore member Isaac Vincent said the format has captivated local audiences.

"For a long time, Lismore has wanted something different," he said.

"On the first gig we had 80 people, and then more than 100 in the second show, so the only thing we need to worry about is not keeping people in the pub too late, but besides that it's growing bigger every time," he said.

Mr Vincent said the comedic tone suits the variety format.

"We start with a monologue," he said.

"We grew up watching a lot of David Letterman and Conan O'Brien so we thought we could use that format in our live shows.

"Our frontman, Gruntus Christ, is like a Letterman figure, and the rest of us stay on stage all night supporting that, plus a rotating Green Room with a stage manager sending acts on and off stage for us."

Mr Vincent explained they have focused on local music talent to be featured in their shows.

"This time we have Ben Wilson and Kate Stroud as our guest performers, plus Black Ghost Party, a fantastic Lismore alt-rock band, ending the show for us."

"Black Ghost Party is a local band that has been together for at least the last 10 years in Lismore, they play alt-rock.   "They have a violinist, and since I am a violinist I am quite fond of the band," he said.  

Actor and dancer Phil Blackman (from NORPA's Dreamland and Railway Wonderland) will also be in the line up.   "Phil is an actor and also a dancer so on the night he will be doing some alternative dance," Mr Vincent said.  

"He's brilliant, I've seen him before at Unibar and thought he was brilliant so we tried for a while to contact him and invite him and we have finally done it."  

  • At The New Tattersalls Hotel, 108 Keen St, Lismore, on Friday, February 10.