Karley was upset to discover vandals had destroyed parts of East Ballina Cemetery.
Karley was upset to discover vandals had destroyed parts of East Ballina Cemetery.

'Absolutely disgusting': Vandals wreak havoc at cemetery

THE last thing Karley ever expected to see when she arrived at East Ballina Cemetery to honour her late grandfather was a trail of destruction across the graves.

Karley who asked for her surname to be withheld had made the journey to the cemetery over the weekend to mark the eighth anniversary of her grandfather's death.

But when she got there, she found vases filled with flowers smashed and crosses honouring family and friends bent as if someone had gone through with no respect for the dead.

Karley said she was "mad" when she saw the vandalism and reported it to the police and Ballina Shire Council.

She said it took her two hours to clean up the mess.

East Ballina graves destroyed

"It is horrible for any family to visit their family members that are no longer here and see the mess that was made," Karley said.

"There was crosses bent over and vases smashed, flowers thrown everywhere."

Taking to social media, Karley said "the idiots" who vandalised the graves of "a war veteran, a mother, a father, a son or a daughter" should be "disgraced".

One person, Donna Bogaard, thanked Karley for "taking the time to fix the damage".

Faye Profke wrote: "What is this world coming to? When caught, they should be made to scrub headstones with supervision over them."

Mick Greco questioned "why would anyone do such a low act" and he hoped they were caught.

Marie Clayton said it was "absolutely disgusting".

"Just no respect these days," she wrote on a Ballina crime Facebook page.

"They should bow their heads in shame.

"Imagine if someone did it to one of their family graves, they would carry on for sure."

Earlier this month, vandals also destroyed about 40 headstones and other items such as vases at Grafton Cemetery on Villiers St.

Ballina Shire Council has been contacted for comment.