Police are investigating the break in.
Police are investigating the break in. Contributed

Mum returns from holiday to find home ransacked

YOUNG mother Hannah Roberts has vowed to avoid living in Eimeo again after returning home from a two- week holiday to find her home ransacked.

The 23-year-old student, who has twins aged three, returned from visiting family on the Sunshine Coast and NSW on Tuesday to discover thieves had broken into her Melanie Street home and taken everything from her children's toys to every last bit of food in her pantry.

Along with major items such as jewellery and a television, Ms Roberts' prized Timberidge acoustic guitar was stolen.

"I'm a local musician and play gigs at venues... I have had the guitar for quite a while. It has mother of pearl swirls down the neck," Ms Roberts said.

"They also took some of my children's toys and clothes."

The thieves gained entry to the home between 12pm on August 14 and 2pm on August 23 by removing a window screen and forcing open the window behind it. Once inside, all rooms have been entered and every cupboard and drawer has been opened and searched, with the contents disturbed. The intruders also vandalised the home with obscene images.

Ms Roberts said the incident was a bitter end to her time in the home, which she had intended to vacate within weeks.

"I moved into the house at the end of last year and my lease was ending at the end of September," she said.

"When I returned home the house was locked up because the real estate had been taking people through for viewing as it was going back up for rent. They didn't realise it had been broken into and thought I was just messy.

"I have never had anything like this happen before but it has deterred me from living in Eimeo again.

"I'm going to be moving out early I guess."

Senior Constable Steve Smith said the incident fits into the recent trend of burglars targeting houses which are left unoccupied for a period of time - allowing them to take their time and thoroughly search for items to steal.

"It is possible that residents in the area may have sighted some unusual behaviour - anyone with information is encouraged to contact police as soon as possible."

Any suspicious behaviour should be reported to police.