Maclean aged care centre gives carers time out

MAREEBA Aged Care in Maclean recognises the vital role carers play in our community.

"Dedicating yourself to the care of someone at home can be tiring and around the clock," said Jillian Browne, Mareeba Aged Care's Director of Nursing.

"Carers need a break too and are the unsung heroes in our community. That is why at Mareeba we give carers time out and some support by caring for their loved one.

"We know from experience that the carers in our community often need a little respite too and we are pleased we can provide it."

The nursing and support staff at Mareeba Aged Care are dedicated, caring and professional. This means carers can take a break knowing their loved one is receiving the highest quality care and support.

National Carers Week is a time to recognise the great work of Australia's carers and thank them for their wonderful and selfless efforts.

If you have any questions about respite care for your loved one call Mareeba Aged Care on 66452966 and have a chat.