Mad Hatters to demand end to 'community services attack'

LISMORE'S streets will be filled with Mad Hatters demanding politicians stop the attack on local community services on tomorrow.

Workers and community members will take part in a Mad Hatter's tea party, highlighting the madness of the Abbott Government's current attack on community services. 

Australian Services Union NSW Deputy Secretary Natalie Lang said changes to the way the State and Federal Governments fund local community services are resulting in vital services - including many in the Northern Rivers region - being stripped of their funding, leaving those reliant on these services with nowhere to turn.

"The State and Federal governments' move to strip frontline community services of vital funding is putting the most vulnerable in our community at risk," Ms Lang said.

"Hundreds of local community services like women's refuges, youth services and mental health services are under attack from the government who wants to replace them with corporatised 'one size fits all' services.

"We're seeing services that have worked with their local community for decades have their funding stripped out from underneath them.

"It's simply not good enough that services across the Northern Rivers are being stripped to the bone, and some even forced to close their doors, because of the Government's cost cutting measures. 

"This is classic case of our governments cutting costs at the expense of the most vulnerable in our community.

"The Government is trying to rip the heart and soul out of our communities and we are here to say that we are not going to take it."

Among the Northern Rivers local community services which have already been hit by the Federal Government's funding cuts include community legal services, Aboriginal family violence services, neighbourhood and community centres, women's health centres, drug and alcohol services, mental health services, youth services and family services.