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Emazon can help you make a stand for health and wellbeing

NIGHT after night she saw the worst of humanity; aggressive, arrogant drunks, women being victimised, drugs, alcohol and abuse.

After four years working in personal security Emma Barbato had enough.

She didn't like who she had become; a bitter, desensitised ice-queen.

"I was only looking at people at their worst, I became distant. People just become your job, a task to do," she said.

"You become desensitised to humanity and when you are capable of physically hurting someone that is not a good combination.

"I had thought my career was for people to pay me to protect them but I read it wrong, I was meant to help people be able to protect themselves."

Within 72 hours, she quit her job, packed up her life and headed over to America to begin her extensive study and training in the areas of exercise physiology, kinesiology, energy psychology and neuroscience.

And so Emazon was born.

That was more than a decade ago and today Emazon is one of the country's most respected trainers whose training sessions, conferences and coaching push the boundaries of participants' belief systems on body image, personal power and self-destructive behaviours.

Training the body is just the beginning; Emazon's philosophies are based on the mind-body connection.

Only when we have our mind right will our body respond and give us the results we want.

You may remember her as the rogue trainer on the 2009 season of Biggest Loser where she pushed contestants to their physical and mental limits, forcing some of the biggest breakthroughs of the season.

She has also worked as a trainer on Australia's Next Top Model helping to empower the contestants to be able to withstand the at times harsh modelling and fashion industry.

Physical training is just the beginning.

Her STAND courses are her proudest achievements in which she doesn't as much reveal new information but help people to remember and discover again the belief that they have the intelligence, strength and drive to overcome any obstacle life might throw their way.

It is about reclaiming the belief we all have the fight within us to stand up and claim what we need.

"I see a lot of women that have been on diets for a decade and they lost weight and put it back on and they are just exhausted and can't understand why it keeps happening," she said.

"It's not about the number on the scale, once they reach that 'magic' number they realise the only thing that has changed is the number.

"Weight loss and fitness programs are just the first stage, they're not even the most exciting part, and it's what comes next.

"It's about empowering people with their own intelligence and equipping them with the knowledge that it is in their own hands. People struggle with this as they have self-trust and self-doubt issues."

Emazon has a healthy relationship with her own body.

Since she was a kid, she has seen her body as a friend ... a capable friend that allows her to do a full gamut of incredible activities.

She has always been sports-oriented and started martial arts and boxing training as a kid as well as playing a range of sports.

"It helped me develop a positive relationship with my body at a young age as I saw it was capable of doing all this stuff," she said.

"I couldn't understand why other girls hated their bodies for not looking a certain way. 'But don't you know what it is capable of?' I would think.

"It's not about weight or how your body looks that is important, it is about how you feel."


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