The human body was designed to be active and stay active, even over winter.
The human body was designed to be active and stay active, even over winter. Sarah Keayes

Make your dollar stretch

CHILLY temperatures can make it harder to find the motivation to get out and exercise.

But Workout World Kawana store manager Paul Rawson said it was possible to achieve fitness goals in the comfort of your own home.

The human body was designed to be active and stay active, Mr Rawson said.

A massive range of fitness equipment is available to help people workout at home.

The store manager and former personal trainer said There was a massive range of fitness equipment available to help people work-out at home.

Equipment can be tailored to all budgets from fitballs and weights to treadmills and exercise bikes, but when buying home fitness equipment, Mr Rawson said shoppers should consider a few factors.

He said it paid to seek the right advice before spending money on equipment.

Because staff at Workout World were generally personal trainers, or had knowledge in the fitness industry, they could offer customers professional advice and were willing to go to extra lengths to help shoppers.

Mr Rawson said fitness levels, personal goals and familiarity and comfort with machines were just some of the factors to consider to help shoppers find the right equipment to suit their needs.

The quality of equipment and whether it came with a genuine warranty were other factors shoppers needed to be aware of, Mr Rawson said.

For example, when buying a treadmill, its quality, structure and the overall weight of the machine were vital and a lot of components needed to be explained in store.

“These bits of equipment are taking a person’s body weight pound for pound,” he said.

Buying a treadmill, exercise bike or other piece of cardio or strength training equipment was ideal for the home because it made exercise more convenient.

“Running on a treadmill or cross trainer gets addictive,” Mr Rawson said.

Personal trainer Mary Saville said she believed joining a gym had many added benefits, but exercising at home could help you keep on top of your fitness goals.

Ms Saville said you didn’t need to spend a lot of money on equipment.

Simple exercises are available to do at home using your own body weight.

Cost-effective equipment including skipping ropes, a boxing bag and gloves and dumbbells could help with home exercise.

To get the most from your work-outs Ms Saville said it was important to set realistic and achievable goals, set aside time for exercise by scheduling it in your diary, keep distractions to a minimum, keep persevering and seek help from a personal trainer if you found yourself lacked motivation.