A Coast pensioner has been refused bail after being charged with drug trafficking.
A Coast pensioner has been refused bail after being charged with drug trafficking. Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

Man who became a menace over mangoes get sentence reduced

AN Airlie Beach fruit and vegetable store owner who engaged in conversation about mangoes with a stranger later copped threatening demands when she refused to sell his produce.

Raymond Noel Petersen, who has just had a three-year jail sentence cut in half, sent the 77-year-old woman a pallet of produce in 2012 without request.

When she told him it would be difficult for her to sell it, he embarked on a campaign of making menacing and threatening phone calls for payment for the produce he had supplied uninvited.

He threatened to damage her property if his demands were not met.

Petersen, 60, also told a woman, who complained two chickens she brought from him were diseased, he would slit the birds' throats if she returned them to him.

After a visit from the stock squad, he rang and told her she may have put her "f***ing life in danger".

Petersen also cut down two banana trees in his female neighbour's yard without permission and became verbally abusive when she confronted him.

He also faced further charges against other women.

Judge Brian Harrison, in an appeal this week, cut Petersen's sentence to 18 months jail and released him immediately on parole.

He said the offences were serious but Petersen effectively had a "crushing" sentence of four years to serve at least 16 months.

Judge Harrison said if all matters had been dealt with together, Petersen would have received a three-year sentence to serve one year so the change took in a totality principle.

"This case highlights why it is inadvisable to sentence people on a piecemeal basis," he said.