Man charged after telling police he has coronavirus


UPDATE: A MAN has been charged for deliberately coughing on an NSW Police Force employee while pretending to be infected with COVID-19 at Coffs Harbour.

Police will allege a man entered Coffs Harbour Police Station and approached a 71-year-old female general station officer on Tuesday about 2.30pm. 

Police will allege in court that the man deliberately coughed on the woman and claimed he had COVID-19, while a friend filmed the incident.

While inquiries were being made regarding the man's claims, the police station was closed, and the necessary isolation protocols were put in place.

Upon further inquiries, it was revealed the man did not have the virus.

Officers from Coffs/Clarence Police District arrested a 21-year-old man at the station, where he was charged with stalk/intimidate intend fear physical harm, and resist or hinder police officer in the execution of duty.

The Coffs Harbour man was granted strict conditional bail and is due to appear in Coffs Harbour Local Court on Wednesday 6 May 2020.

Will West Whiting posted the video to Facebook.
Will West Whiting posted the video to Facebook.

EARLIER: A MAN walks into a police station claiming to have coronavirus...

It may have sounded like a joke to this man at least, who played a disturbing prank on police, but it ended in him being charged with intimidating officers. 

In the video posted to Facebook by Coffs Harbour man Will West Whiting, police are told that he has tested positive to coronavirus, as he coughs in the foyer of the police station while reporting for bail. 

"Sorry I've tested positive for that coronavirus," he says to police staff member. 

"What are you doing here?," he is then asked.  

Police said under Covid-19 protocols, the police station was closed down. 

Making light of the situation, the man is then arrested by police officers. 

The video shared to Facebook has been widely condemned by the public.  

"When you get arrested for pretending to have corana (sic corona) virus, bahaha shut the whole cop shop down," he posted.  

Police said the 21-year-old will appear in Coffs Harbour Local Court on Wednesday, May 6.