The defendant than allegedly approached Miss Hanel at the gym once more, allegedly apologising.
The defendant than allegedly approached Miss Hanel at the gym once more, allegedly apologising.

Man charged with stalking a teenage girl

ANTHONY John Graziani, 35, of Kippa-Ring, was charged by police on September 24, 2018, after allegedly stalking Annemieke Hanel, then 17-years-old, around the gym and at her workplace.

The hearing started in Redcliffe Magistrates Court on November 6 in front of Magistrate Swan.

Redcliffe Police Prosecutor Sergeant David Pollock alleged Graziani followed Miss Hanel around the gym for a number of months, contacted her via social media, approached her at work and that several confrontations occurred.

Moreton South Criminal Investigation Branch's Detective Senior Constable Joanne Wright was the first witness to be called.

The detective said she was the one who took Miss Hanel's statement when she came into the police station for a second time on September 20, 2018.

Miss Hanel brought with her to the police station printouts of screenshots of messages allegedly sent by the defendant to her, photos she had captured of the defendant allegedly loitering near her workplace, a screen shot of a friend request allegedly sent by the defendant to Miss Hanel's mother and two copies of resumes allegedly sent by Graziani to Miss Hanel's place of work.

All of these were entered as evidence.

The defendant's solicitor N Sherrington questioned why police did not chase up witnesses from the gym and the copy of the email and the email address the resumes were sent with.

Miss Hanel, now 19, was the next witness called by the prosecution.

She said she joined the Kippa-Ring gym around May 2017.

It was not until January 2018 that the defendant allegedly first had a conversation with Graziani.

Miss Hanel said the conversation lasted just 10 to 15 minutes and they were just asking basic questions.

After this Miss Hanel said she started to notice the defendant was allegedly following her around the gym - entering and leaving when she did and using the same equipment when she did.

She told police in her statement that they spoke two more times. The second time the defendant allegedly asked what she liked to do with her friends on the weekends, the third time he allegedly asker her out, she declined.

Miss Hanel said the behaviour escalated when the defendant, some time in May or April 2018, came and allegedly sat on a stool under the squat rack machine she was using and just watched her.

Following this incident, which she said made her "uncomfortable" she reported the matter to the gym.

The defendant than allegedly approached Miss Hanel at the gym once more, allegedly apologising.

She said she just nodded and walked by.

Miss Hanel then received a Facebook message allegedly from Graziani saying he was glad he could make amends.

"I replied no worries," Miss Hanel said.

She then went overseas for several weeks.

When she returned she had another message allegedly from Graziani asking "are you still alive".

On August 11 she blocked him via Facebook. She had also cancelled her gym membership.

Miss Hanel said the behaviour once again escalated in September.

She said she received an email to her office, located at Redcliffe Pde, email address with a resume for an Anthony Graziani.

Miss Hanel said there was a subject line but no body to the email, just an attachment.

On September 8 Miss Hanel said the defendant allegedly came and sat at some tables, outside an ice-cream shop she worked at on weekends, for 30-40 minutes.

"Out of my peripheral vision I saw Anthony come and sit down, just himself and his phone. He had a cap on and glasses. He was on his own for 30 to 40 minutes," Miss Hanel said.

"I tried not to look at him but I took a photo of him sitting there."

On September 14 she said she received another email to the office email address with a resume for Graziani attached.

Miss Hanel said about a week later Graziani attended the office.

"He didn't have a shirt on," she said.

"His demeanour was cold, which made be feel extremely uncomfortable … and really icky.

"I walked into the project manager's office and started crying."

Miss Hanel said another staff member spoke with Graziani and asked him to leave.

On a separate occasion, around the time Miss Hanel reported the matter to police, she alleged the defendant called slurs at her from a shop near her office, and that once again he was not wearing a shirt.

She alleged he also loitered outside her office, giving her the finger through the door.

Solicitor Sherrington gave a lengthy cross-examination, questioning inconsistencies between Miss Hanel's statement in court and her statement given to police.

She put it to Miss Hanel that she actually had a friendship with the defendant and she had arranged to get lifts to the gym with Graziani. Miss Hanel disagreed.

Further witnesses from both sides are expected to be called when the hearing resumes on November 21.