Slushie before help for shooting victim

A MAN has been shot in Logan, south of Brisbane, police say.

The incident happened just after 5.30am at Holmview on Logan River Road, south of Brisbane.

Paramedics, including critical care responders, attended the scene and treated a man aged in his 30s.

He sustained a wound to the hip and was transported in a serious but stable condition under lights and sirens to the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Queensland Ambulance Service said.

The victim wheeled a bicycle into a nearby 7-Eleven and purchased a slushie and a packet of cigarettes before seeking medical attention, according to Channel 7.

Police are investigating where the incident took police and believed he travelled some distance prior to receiving treatment.

The man felt pain in his back, according to police, and noticed he had been shot by an air rifle, or a similar weapon.

It's understood the wound was caused by a pellet and he is expected to make a full recovery.