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Smoking drugs. News Corp

Man in 'dire situation' who turned to meth given second shot

A FATHER has managed to slip away without a conviction despite pleading guilty to possessing methamphetamine and marijuana in the Bundaberg Magistrates Court.

Michael John Gessey, 48, appeared before Magistrate Belinda Merrin on four drug charges yesterday.

On April 17 police executed a search warrant at Gessey's home when they found clip seal bags containing 1.8g of meth. A quarter-of-a-gram of marijuana, as well as a glass pipe and scales was also found.

Gessey immediately made full admissions and cooperated with police, confessing the drugs and utensils were all his.

Defence barrister Mary Buchanan said her client was a plumber who'd run his own business for 10 years now.

She pointed out Gessey had no previous drug offences recorded on his criminal history and had only started using drugs later in his life, when personal circumstances led to a downward turn.

"His personal circumstances spiralled out of control, which led to mental health problems and drug use," Ms Buchanan said. "He struggles in his personal and business life ... and drug use."

The court heard Gessey and his partner were "in dire financial circumstances" that were impeding on his ability to continue paying off his mortgage.

Ms Buchanan said her client hadn't had much access to his child (from a previous partner) either but said that since the offending, Gessey had tried to fix his drug problem.

"He's taken steps to sort himself out, he's been to a number of agencies," she said.

"In his words to me he said he was glad to get caught because he just wanted to get out of the situation he was in but didn't know how to..."

Acknowledging the lack of precious drug charges, Ms Merrin opted not to record a conviction and issued one fine of $640 for all four charges.

"It is another very sad example how someone who had been a law-abiding, hard working member of the community ... turns to drugs and ends up before the court," she said.

"But to your credit, you have taken very real steps towards your rehabilitation."