Man jailed for sexual relations with young girl

A QUEENSLAND man who maintained a sexual relationship with a young girl has been jailed for nine months.

The man, who cannot be name in order to protect his victim's identity, pleaded guilty on Wednesday in the Brisbane District Court to offences committed over a nine moth period in 2009.

"The message is simple. Those who molest our children will go to jail."


Crown Prosecutor Carly Whelan told the court the man was friends with the young girl's parents.

She said their relationship started shortly after her 14th birthday and was initially a friendship with turning rapidly into a sexual one.

"The interactions included oral sex, kissing, fondling and digital penetration," she said.

"The man purchased the girl a mobile phone so he could contact her.

"More than 400 explicit messages were sent to the young girl including messages saying she was hot, sexy, his future wife and the further mother of his children."

Ms Whelan said the offences came to light when after the girl moved to Darwin in 2010 with her family.

"It was there her parents discovered the messages and contacted police," she said.

"The man was arrested in 2011 after police had difficulty locating him."

Defence barrister Julie Sharp told the court the man suffered from a number of health issues and had been given between three to five years to live.

"He requires ongoing medical supervision due to his serious health concerns," she said.

"He is also in remission for two types of cancer.

"He is totally ashamed of his conduct and has taken full responsibility for his actions."

Judge Leanne Clare sentenced the man to four years behind bars but ordered it be suspended after serving nine months.

She was scathing in her address to the man.

"She had a difficult home life and instead of helping her you exploited her," she said.

"Our children must be protected from predators like yourself.

"The message is simple. Those who molest our children will go to jail."