RBT: A Noosaville man pulled up at an RBT more than four times the legal limit (file photo).
RBT: A Noosaville man pulled up at an RBT more than four times the legal limit (file photo).

Man pulls up at RBT slurring words, 4.5 times limit

A 51-YEAR-OLD man pulled up in the middle of the road, slurring his words and holding onto his car for stability, while police where conducting random breath testing on a Coast road.

Mark Kenneth Howarth returned a breath alcohol reading of 0.226 per cent after drinking two bottles of wine and driving through his home suburb of Noosaville on June 10.

He pleaded guilty at Noosa Magistrates Court to driving under the influence of liquor.

"His eyes were very bloodshot and glazed and his speech was slurred," Police prosecutor Allison Johnstone said.

"As the defendant got out of his vehicle he is observed to be very unsteady on his feet and having to steady himself by holding onto the vehicle."

Howarth, who had no criminal history, was taken to the watchhouse.

Defence lawyer Ben Taylor said Howarth was a recovering alcoholic who had a relapse due to recent misfortune, including caring for his sister.

Howarth owns and operates a video biography company and Mr Taylor submitted he would be significantly impacted by the licence disqualification.

While he acknowledged it was a high reading, he submitted that Howarth be given the minimum disqualification period in return for a higher fine.

"If I use the every day language out in the street, four-and-a-half times the legal limit shouldn't have been anywhere near a wheel," magistrate Andrew Walker said.

"I note that in your apology you called it a selfish and foolish decision to drive.

"If you'd have had an accident and somebody was seriously injured, or even killed, you'd have to live with that for the rest of your life, and it wouldn't affect just you."

Howarth was given a $1500 fine and disqualified from driving for 11 months.

The conviction was recorded.