Man behind racist Centrelink rant ‘in tears’

A MAN who abused customers and staff at a Centrelink office amid a shocking racist rant has apologised for his actions.

"I'm apologising for what happened on Monday. I've only just seen the footage of what happened," the 47-year-old, whose name is Troy, said in a video statement sent to the media.

In the video, he explained he suffered from mental illness and had gone to the Centrelink office to get help.

"I didn't have my medication and that's why I went into Centrelink to sort it out," he said.

"So if I offended anyone or upset anyone, I am truly sorry."

Mobile footage showed the man questioning why staff were giving people from other racial backgrounds help but not him.

"I didn't vote for multiculturalism did I?" the man screamed as staff try to remove him from the building.

"But you will do whatever you can for every other c**t other than Australians."

He threatened to "smash" staff as they attempt to shield customers and children who entered the building near the ranting man.

Footage of the racist rant at the Centrelink at Salisbury, Adelaide went viral.
Footage of the racist rant at the Centrelink at Salisbury, Adelaide went viral.

The man singled out a Centrelink client who was out of frame, calling her a "black b**ch" and asking how much money she was receiving from the government welfare agency.

Before exiting the building the man yelled a final obscenity and demand: "F**k youse all, you will pay me my f***ing money".

The footage went viral when it was posted online by another Centrelink customer yesterday, with thousands of Australians condemning his actions.

It was also condemned by Human Services Minister Michael Keenan, who said the behaviour was "totally unacceptable".

"Like most Australians I was disgusted to see video of someone abusing my staff and women and children in one of the service centres in Adelaide," the Minister said.

Troy claimed he had no recollection of the incident, and according to his ex-girlfriend Chantelle Berlemon, he was in tears after watching the video.

"He is genuinely a nice bloke," she told Seven News. "It's just when he's not taking his medication he can get really angry."

She said she encouraged him to go back to police, saying the sooner he dealt with the consequences, the sooner he could get proper help.

Police are investigating the incident, but no charges have been laid at this stage.