Man’s torture of girlfriend caught on tape


A man who filmed himself preparing a noose to hang his girlfriend during a three-hour torture ordeal has been jailed for 11 years.

Stefan Carr, 28, recorded the terrifying domestic abuse he subjected Bethany Marchant to on his own CCTV cameras in his home.

Carr battered and acted out a mock hanging on the mum-of-one, who he also threatened with a knife and told he was going to drive his van into a reservoir and drown.

The violence unfolded after Ms Marchant confronted him about cheating and he flew off the handle.

Carr, from West Yorks in the United Kingdom, launched the sustained attack on dance teacher Ms Marchant on May 5 this year.

Stefan Carr has been sentenced to 11 years in jail
Stefan Carr has been sentenced to 11 years in jail

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He pleaded guilty to attempted grievous bodily harm and two earlier assaults against a former lover.

Leeds Crown Court heard the attack happened in the early hours after the couple had arrived home at 1.30am and a long argument escalated into a sustained series of attacks on the battered mum.

At one point Carr created a noose from rope and lifted her off the ground.


Video showed Carr preparing a noose that he used for a mock execution.
Video showed Carr preparing a noose that he used for a mock execution.

Carr had rigged his home with CCTV cameras that captured the full ordeal.

Ms Marchant eventually persuaded him to take her to hospital, but after driving a short distance, he threatened to drive the car into a reservoir.

She was able to flee just as officers arrived at the scene after a neighbour called them when they saw him with a knife then witnessed the couple drive away.

The court heard Carr assaulted Ms Marchant while on bail for the earlier attacks on his previous girlfriend.

He punched his ex-partner in the face in late autumn 2018, and in January 2019 he attempted to suffocate her.

Detective Chief Inspector Vanessa Rolfe said: "Carr subjected his victim to a lengthy and terrifying ordeal and we welcome his sentencing at Leeds Crown Court today.

"His victim was truly put in fear of her life by the violence of his actions, and we commend her bravery in both escaping and in supporting the prosecution against him."

Ms Marchant opened up about her ordeal in a harrowing Facebook post.

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Bethany Marchant spoke about the terrifying ordeal on Facebook.
Bethany Marchant spoke about the terrifying ordeal on Facebook.

"After Carr was jailed I am now ready to break my silence on what has just been the most awful time … after 20 weeks of hell he has finally been sentenced today," she said.

"Some of you know I was in a relationship with Stefan and on May 5 after finding out he had been cheating I decided enough was enough and decided to leave.

"He locked me in his home and repeatedly tortured me in the worst possible ways for three hours.

"I truly mean when I say that if the neighbours hadn't rung the police Harry would not have his mummy.

"My children at dancing would have lost their teacher and my family and friends would have lost their daughter, granddaughter, niece and friend, so to the neighbours: you have saved my life and I am eternity grateful.

"I wasn't in an abusive relationship this was one terrible vile evil event, but unfortunately I'm not the first.

"He had me completely fooled. I can't even tell you how awful the past 20 weeks have been.

"I have been diagnosed with PTSD and will admit some days have been absolutely unbearable but I'm a great actress and can hide my problems with a smile and pull myself together for Harry and my business."

If you are affected by domestic violence please call 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732).

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission