Watch out! Magpie swooping season has began.
Watch out! Magpie swooping season has began.

MAP: Where magpies are swooping on the Northern Rivers

IT'S spring and that means the Northern Rivers' swooping birds are now out in force.

The most well known bird for displaying swooping behaviour is the Australian magpie.

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A WIRES spokesperson said magpie parents protect their babies with passion, and this is the reason why magpies swoop.

"They are protecting their eggs and chicks while they are in the nest - a period that lasts approximately 6-7 weeks," she said.

"Only some birds see people as a threat, and most magpies will not swoop."

To reduce your chances of being swooped National Parks and Wildlife Service recommend that you:

  • Stay calm, don't panic.
  • Don't provoke them or throw things at them. This will make them more aggressive.
  • Walk through the magpie' s territory quickly, don't run or take another route during the swooping period.
  • Wear a hat and glasses or carry an umbrella, eyes on the back of your hat and bicycle helmet.
  • Watch the magpie. Magpies are less likely to swoop if you look at them.
  • Make a sign to warn others.
  • Fit your bicycle with a flag and walk your bike through the bird's territory.

If you have seen a magpie swooping in the Northern Rivers region let us know where in the comments below.