Mark Nicholas may need some glasses. Picture: Julian Smith/AP
Mark Nicholas may need some glasses. Picture: Julian Smith/AP

Commentator mistakes dwarfs for toddlers

THAT'S not a maximum.

Former Nine Network cricket commentator Mark Nicholas had a day to forget as he managed to mistake a pair of cricket-playing dwarfs for precocious preschoolers while calling the first Test between South Africa and Pakistan.

The incident happened on Friday when the cameras picked up the pair getting some practice on the oval at The Wanderers with one bowling to another, who was using a miniature bat.

Nicholas thought he might have spied a bowling prodigy in the making as he was using a rather advanced technique to send down left-arm tweakers.

Okay well, it's important to start young," said the SuperSport anchor.

"Look at this … spin it. Oh, I like that! I like it."

Nicholas' comments were met by laughter by co-commentator Kevin Pietersen, who seemed to pick up on his colleague's blunder.

Nicholas' faux pas was also noticed by viewers who took to social media to highlight his embarrassing error.

"Mark Nicholas puts his foot in it... they're dwarfs not babies," one posted on Twitter.

Another wrote: "Not Mark Nicholas' finest hour. They're dwarfs not babies."