Hanging Rock Flowers co-owner Linda Heilbron believes dried flowers are increasingly popular including for weddings.
Hanging Rock Flowers co-owner Linda Heilbron believes dried flowers are increasingly popular including for weddings.

Market regulars open new flower shop in Lismore

DEMAND for native flowers has increased so much, owners of a market stall decided to take the leap and open an outlet in the heart of Lismore this week.

After supplying residents with locally sourced native plants and homemade jewellery for three years at the Lismore Farmer’s Market, Linda Heilbron and Paul Martens decided to set up shop in a more permanent location.

Hanging Rock Flowers boasts a variety of colourful and fragrant natives, providing customers with an alternative to traditional plant varieties.

“People don’t realise just how beautiful and colourful they are, and so much variety. People think of natives as just flowering gums and a few banksias, but it’s so much more than that. It’s your paper daisies, the silver dollar gum, the kangaroo paw. It’s just amazing what there is and how much variety there is out there.

“And because we’re seasonal, we’ll always have something different season to season.”

Since purchasing the farm four years ago, Ms Heilbron said she has noticed a growing demand for native flowers

“We’re planting 50-100 plants a week, just to keep up with such a demand for natives now,” she said.

“They’re not a precious flower. They’re a little bit rough and a little bit bushy. But that’s what we like about them. They’re a little bit different.”

One feature that makes Hanging Rock different from traditional florists is a large selection of dried floral arrangements.

“A good thing about natives is they dry really well. We do a lot of the dried arrangements so that people can take them home and love them for forever,” Ms Heilbron said.

“We have a lot of varieties of foliage. We’ve got the wattle, the banksia foliage, the gum, the lemon scented tea tree a lot of variety.

“And we try not to waste anything at all. What we can’t use for dried arrangements gets turned back into mulch so we can grow more fresh flowers.”

As well as various species of native flora, Hanging Rock customers can also peruse Ms Heilbron’s homemade and ethically sourced jewellery.

“I’ve been making jewellery for thirty years and I’ve experimented with different types of jewellery, but I’m really drawn to gemstones and natural elements,” Ms Heilbron said.

“All of my jewellery is made from gemstones that are ethically sourced, I use hemp or cotton a lot of the time, I’ll use leather, wood beads, porcelain or clay. It’s all natural element jewellery.

“Each piece is unique. If I make a necklace, I’ll never make one exactly the same, so each one is a one-off piece.”

Hanging Rock Flowers officially opened on January 10, just in time for Valentines day.

“I’ve already got a couple orders from secret admirers. I can’t say who they’re for because I don’t want to ruin the surprise.”

The Hanging Rock Flower and Jewellery Outlet can be found in Star Court Arcade, Lismore.