IN AN excruciatingly awkward phone call, Married At First Sight's cheating bride Davina Rankin has been outed for trying to hook up with radio host Tommy Little during filming.

Tommy Little confronted Married At First Sight’s Davina Rankin in an incredibly awkward phone call.
Tommy Little confronted Married At First Sight’s Davina Rankin in an incredibly awkward phone call.

Davina and fellow contestant Dean Wells have quickly become two of the least popular contestants to ever appear on the show after brazenly embarking on an affair behind their partner's backs.

But now, it's gotten even more complicated.

During a segment on the Carrie & Tommy show this week, Hit Network radio host Tommy Little revealed he'd once hooked up with Davina and that she'd attempted to pick up where they left off while she was in Sydney filming Married a few months ago.

Davina and ‘husband’ Ryan at their wedding.
Davina and ‘husband’ Ryan at their wedding.

He and co-host Carrie Bickmore then called Davina, and what followed was one of the most awkward radio conversations in history.

Here's a snippet:

Tommy: "I'm just interested because there was radio silence from both of us for a while, but then you messaged me not that long ago and you said you were going to be in Sydney when I was going to be in Sydney, right? And you said, 'Do you maybe wanna catch up and get a drink and go out?' And I said, 'What are you doing in Sydney?' and you said, 'Filming a show.'"

Davina: "Oh, but ... not as a date, though. Just because I was in Sydney. I don't really come down to Sydney ... No, you're making it out a lot worse!"

Tommy: "Hang on, hang on, I'm confused, because Dav I just want to know, were you trying to go on a second date and get married at the same time?"

Davina: "No, marriage wasn't on my mind, no."

Tommy: "You were filming a show called Married At First Sight!"

Davina: "I don't know, it was all because I was in Sydney at the time. I caught up with a lot of friends while I was there ..."

Tommy: "A lot of 'friends'? How many of those 'friends' did you make out with last time you saw them?"

After an incredibly uncomfortable pause, Tommy went on to explain that he'd only found out "how weird it was" that Davina had reached out after his friend told him she'd seen her getting married on TV.

"This is heartbreaking for me," he joked. "Wow, I'm speechless."