Ballina RSL staff celebrate a member's recent $2.2 million win on Keno.
Ballina RSL staff celebrate a member's recent $2.2 million win on Keno.

Huge $2.2 million Keno win for Ballina great grandmother

ONE Ballina great grandmother is thanking her lucky stars (and numbers) after winning $2.27 million in a game of Keno.

A quick trip to the Ballina RSL Club to pay her husband's bowls fees yesterday turned into one of the biggest days of the 74-year-old's life.

"From the age of 13 years I bought lotto every week with my mum and never had a decent win," she said.

"I went down (to the RSL) to pay my husband's bowls fees and I thought 'it's my daughter's birthday' and it's my other daughter's birthday later this month, and mine,' so I'll get one with our birth dates.

"I used our birth days, our ages, and the years we were born. I only spent $10 on it.

"I didn't even get to pay the bowls fees in the end."

The winner said she was busy talking to a staff member when her 10 hand-picked numbers came up.

"I was just chatting to one of the supervisors when someone came up to us and said, 'someone has just won the 10-number jackpot here'," she said.

"I'd bought my ticket 20 minutes before, so I said to the supervisor 'I've got 10 numbers but I've still got four games to go'. And she said, 'you can still check it'.

"I checked it and it was me. I just started shaking and my blood pressure shot up.

"They sat me down and gave me a cup of tea with lots of sugar, but I was too excited to drink it."

The winner, who has 13 grandchildren, two great grandchildren and two more on the way, plans to upgrade her home, give some money to family, and donate to charities in Australia and Cambodia.

The winner has been a member of the Ballina RSL Club for 30 years.

Club staff said all the stars aligned for her to win, because she normally didn't go to the club on a Sunday.

Ballina RSL chief of operations Marisa Poptie said: "We're thrilled to have such a great supporter of the club win a fantastic prize."

Keno spokesperson Terry Fowler congratulated Keno's third New South Wales' millionaire for 2018, saying the team was delighted that another player in a regional area had won such a big jackpot.

"Keno loves making millionaires and it's great to hear our newest winner is from regional New South Wales and is going to use some of her jackpot to help others," Mr Fowler said.