The nude Beach at Tyagarah, off Grays Lane.
The nude Beach at Tyagarah, off Grays Lane. Marc Stapelberg

'Massive swingers hub': calls for nude beach to go

THE Byron coast is an appealing destination for all sorts.

But one particular group has taken a liking to a beach with a growing reputation as a sex hotspot.

A man was recently charged over an alleged indecent act on Grays Lane, near the clothing-optional Tyagarah Beach.

The same area has been attracting attention from a host of sexually-driven online forums.

On one website, a woman explicitly recounted visiting Tyagarah Beach and the nearby lake in Tyagarah Nature Reserve, where they engaged in sexual acts with each other and with several passersby.

She wrote of strangers at both sites watching, and being involved in, their exploits, referred to as "dogging".

Only part of the beach is clothing optional, beginning 200m south of Grays Lane.

But Tyagarah Nature Reserve is not clothing optional, and there are signs in place warning visitors Tyagarah Nature Reserve is not included in this area.

Lewd behaviour in either location though could land you in trouble with the law.

Other websites have similarly marketed the area for swingers groups, for those "cruising for sex" and those wanting to travel for "dogging" experiences, where they engage in or watch public sexual acts.

Another website, Gay Men on Holiday, described nearby Belongil Beach as "one of the world's most beautiful beaches".

The post described the area as a great holiday destination, and acknowledged the nude beach but made no lewd references to this.

A nearby resident, who asked not to be named, said children had been approached by naked men in that area.

She's called for the beach to no longer be clothing optional.

"Obviously no one has an issue with the nudists, we're not all a bunch of prudes," she said.

"But it does have this honey-pot affect."

She said nudist beach culture had "changed" and it was now attracting "deviants, perverts and creeps", making Tyagarah a "sexual hotspot".

"It's no longer about taking your kit off and going for a swim," she said.

"It's a massive swingers hub.

"They're always down there shagging in the bushes... wanking in the bushes."

She said most of those involved in these lewd public activities were in Queensland-registered cars.

Some visitors to Tyagarah have filmed pornography there.

"We pick up sex toys and condoms and rubbish all the time down there," the woman said.

She said police had been doing "the best they can", but believed banning nudity on Tyagarah Beach would see the offensive acts "self-regulated", as more residents and families would feel comfortable there.

"In 2013 and 2017 the council GM and staff recommended to have this beach closed (as a nude beach) because of the dangers and the councillors haven't listened," she said.

"How many more people will need to be chased, stalked and intimidated?"

Byron Shire Council declined to comment on the matter and Tweed Byron police have been approached for comment.