The HSC maths exam is in progress.
The HSC maths exam is in progress. Thinkstock

Take the test: Are you smarter than a Year 12 kid?

YEAR 12 students in NSW are sitting their HSC maths exam this morning.

Some of us twitch at the thought of maths exams, whilst others revel at the thought.

Below are some of the questions asked in last year's HSC General Mathematics exam.

Why don't you give it a go to see whether you are up to the task.

Let us know how you go.


1. The speed limit outside a school is 40 km / h. Year 11 students measured the speed of passing vehicles over a period of time. They found the set of data to be normally distributed with a mean speed of 36 km/h and a standard deviation of 2 km/h.

What percentage of the vehicles passed the school at a speed greater than 40 km/h?

(A) 2.5%

(B) 5%

(C) 47.5%

(D) 95%


2. Caroline drinks two small bottles of wine over a three-hour period. Each of these bottles contains 2.3 standard drinks. Caroline weighs 53 kg.

What is her approximate blood alcohol content (BAC) at the end of this period?

(A) 0.081

(B) 0.065

(C) 0.0017

(D) 0.0014


3. Calls on a mobile phone plan are charged at the rate of 54 cents per 30 seconds, or part thereof.

What is the cost of a call lasting 2 minutes and 15 seconds?

(A) $2.16

(B) $2.32

(C) $2.43

(D) $2.70


4. Ariana is charged compound interest at the rate of 0.036% per day on outstanding credit card balances. She has $780 outstanding for 24 days.

How much compound interest is she charged?

(A) $6.74

(B) $6.77

(C) $786.74

(D) $786.77


5. Isabella works a 35-hour week and is paid at an hourly rate of $18. Any overtime hours worked are paid at time-and-a-half. In a particular week, she earned $1008.

How many hours in total did Isabella work in this week to earn this amount?

(A) 37.3

(B) 42

(C) 49

(D) 56


6. Melbourne is located at (38°S, 145°E) and Dubai is located at (24°N, 55°E).

(i) Calculate the difference in longitude between Melbourne and Dubai.

(ii) Show that the time difference between Melbourne and Dubai is 6 hours.

(iii) A plane leaves Melbourne on Friday at 11.30 pm. The flight time to

Dubai is 15 hours. What will be the time and the day in Dubai when the plane is due to land?


7. A company makes large marshmallows. They are in the shape of a cylinder with diameter 5 cm and height 3 cm.

2016 HSC General Maths
2016 HSC General Maths Contributed

(i) Find the volume of one of these large marshmallows, correct to one decimal place.

(ii) A cake is to be made by stacking 24 of these large marshmallows and filling the gaps between them with chocolate. The diagrams show the cake and its top view. The shading shows the gaps to be filled with chocolate.

What volume of chocolate will be required? Give your answer correct to the nearest whole number.


Maths diagram
Maths diagram Contributed


8. A school playground consists of part of a circle, with centre O, and a rectangle as shown in the diagram.

The radius OB of the circle is 45 m, the width BC of the rectangle is 20 m and AOB is 100°.

What is the area of the whole playground, correct to the nearest square metre?

2016 HSC General Maths
2016 HSC General Maths Contributed


* Students are given a set of formulas to help them work out these questions. 

Here is the full exam with formulas. 




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We will post the answers later after you've had a chance to have a go ... we wouldn't want any cheating.