Location of the Fit Farm on a Tuncester property.
Location of the Fit Farm on a Tuncester property.

Mayor called a ‘d---head’ over fitness farm approval

THE COMMUNITY was divided on a proposal to build an outdoor obstacle course, set to bring about 150 fitness buffs to a rural Lismore property each day.

A two-year trial period for the 'Fit Farm' was approved by the slimmest of majorities at a council meeting on Tuesday night.

There was an uproar from the packed gallery when mayor Isaac Smith declared the motion had passed.

Some hurled insults at the mayor, yelling, "shame," and "you're a d--khead, sir" for supporting the development application. Others applauded loudly, pleased to see the council support the new enterprise.

Earlier, at least 20 speakers presented arguments for or against the proposal.

Tuncester residents argued fitness classes from sunrise to sunset would seriously impact the amenity of the area, impacting privacy, noise levels and traffic flow in the area.

The proponents argued that most large groups would be bussed in and back out, there was capacity to increase traffic on the road, and the overall impact of the proposal would be positive.

The Fit Farm will consist of an obstacle course, a sand bag carrying track, a billy cart track and car parks.

"The majority of our population aren't active enough," supporter Karen Clark said.

"The best way to get more people out and active is to provide more choice."

Councillor Darlene Cook was one of four who sided with the applicants.

"It's new, innovative and creative," she said.

"This sports facility is a welcomed alternative to the predicable gyms in town.

"It's always a bit fraught being a pioneer, but rural areas are not static.

"Land use changes."

Councillor Neil Marks who voted against the development application believes it would create more trouble than it's worth.

"What concerns me is we have a rural community here which is going to be turned against each other," he said.