Mayor Paul Antonio.
Mayor Paul Antonio. Kevin Farmer

Mayor: Chinese delegates coming to Toowoomba for trade talks

MEAT and fresh produce from the Toowoomba region could soon be heading to a new part of China according to Mayor Paul Antonio, following successful trade talks.

Cr Antonio returned on Thursday from a 10-day delegation to the city of Shaoxing in eastern China, Toowoomba's sister city Paju in South Korea and the Asia-Pacific City Summit in Daejeon.

He said delegates from China were expected in October, where the Toowoomba Regional Council would continue already positive talks of trade between the two areas.

"The visit to China was very powerful indeed. The consulate from China was with us during talks, and that sends a very strong message," he said.

"They're coming to see us in October - they haven't set the exact date, but (it should be soon).

"We see that particular area in China as being very vital to us. 

"They have things they want to market here and they're keen to get a hold of our food."

Cr Antonio established the relationship on his previous trip to China last year with the Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise's AccessChina delegation.

However, he said the most recent visit would deliver even better results.

"This was far more positive than last year, (because) it does take a while to get the partnership with China developed, (but) I've seen a marked change in China," he said.

"This particular area, there is a serious place for the production of fabrics, wine and they're into technology as well.

"They're going to come over to see what opportunities are here in Toowoomba.

"We really do want to make sure we benefit that more broadly."