Mayor shaken by alleged assault after fluoride spat

A 44-YEAR-OLD female has been arrested for allegedly assaulting Lismore Mayor Jenny Dowell on Saturday.

The women, angry about fluoridation of Lismore's water supply, kicked the door of a car that the Mayor was getting into at about 3 pm on the corner of Molesworth and Magellan streets.

The door then hit the Mayor in the head causing soft tissue damage.

Mayor Jenny Dowell at the Lantern Parade 0n Saturday night.
Mayor Jenny Dowell at the Lantern Parade 0n Saturday night.

After the incident she said: "My ear's still store and red, but it'll be right. I'm not bleeding and I don't think I'm concussed, so I'll be fine," she said.

The Mayor reported the incident to police, who made an arrest a short time later in Carrington Street.

The woman will appear in court on August 3 charged with common assault, Inspector Nicole Bruce, of Lismore Police, said.

While the mayor stressed the alleged assault was an "isolated incident", she did recount numerous verbal attacks from people who were anti-fluoride over the last two years.

"I've been called Genocide Jenny, I've been called Hitler… that's happened on more than a dozen occasions by different people," Cr Dowell said.

When people got into public office some people "no longer saw them as a person" or worthy of normal, decent behaviour, she said.

The Mayor received an outpouring of support on Facebook, with well-wishers outraged over the incident.