The new Mazda MX-5.
The new Mazda MX-5.

Mazda unveils new MX-5

MAZDA has just released the updated 2016 MX-5, the worlds best selling two-seater sports car.

The new model was globally released at 11am AEST in three locations around the world, Spain, Japan and the USA.

The design of the car follows Mazda's KODO design language, which the brand has recently used in its latest cars including the new Mazda3.

Details about the car are slim, but what we do know is that the new MX-5 will shed more than 100 kilograms from the previous model.

At the time of writing, no engine or powertrain details have been released, but Mazda states that the car will adapt their SKYACTIV Technology. Rumor has it that there will be two engine variants, a 1.5-litre four cylinder from the new Mazda2 and a 2.0-litre from the Mazda3, both naturally-aspirated.

It is said that owners will have the option of a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic gearbox, both connected to a limited-slip differential.

Since the new MX-5 is lighter and it will most likely be more powerful than the previous variant, you can expect it to be faster but still more economic.

It has also been confirmed that the Fiat group will be producing a lightweight drop-top that is based on the new MX-5.

It is said that the relationship between the two cars is strictly drivetrain only, so both models should have different bodies and interiors. The Italian variant is set to be released at the end of 2015 with an Alfa Romeo badge.

The 2016 Mazda MX-5 will be rolled out to global markets starting in 2015, and you can expect to see it in Australian dealerships in the middle of 2015.

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The new Mazda MX-5.