LEFT: Annalise Burton's mythical creature costume.
LEFT: Annalise Burton's mythical creature costume.

McFlurry lids, lentils used in Casino designer's creations

CASINO'S Annalise Burton has garnered much community support to help her on her adventure to study in the UK.

She recently completed the second year of her Design and Marketing degree university course.

"I managed to pass my second year with flying colours,” Annalise said.

"It has been a whirlwind of a year with many challenges to work through. I struggled with my work load, having a job and the course being twice as demanding as first year, but no matter what road blocks were placed in front of me, both physically and mentally, I was able to get through them and it was all totally worth it in the end.

"This year I have come away with confidence in my designing, I feel as though I have found my own personal design style which includes a mixture of art mediums, collaging and digital design.

"This allows me to express the character in my designs and show a wearable garment at the same time.”

Sewing and assembling a garment has always been Annalise's strong point and she has discovered new ways to construct garments that don't involve sewing.

"I have been able to explore dyeing techniques, breaking down of costumes (making them look old and worn), body transforming using paddings and converting found objects into a wearable costume,” she said.

"Not only have my practical skills improved immensely but I have managed to come out of my shell with my presentations, display and written work as well which has left me now feeling confident enough to start my third and final year.”

Her final second year project was a mythical sea creature. The costume was entirely made from recycled or found objects.

"The base of the costume is made from a bodysuit sourced from a charity shop, using a mixture of old calico and found materials,” she said.

"The trousers were recycled from my first-year project, I have just ripped them up and broken them down with more paint.

"The shells on the costume are made from expanding foam, melted Styrofoam balls, patty pans, plastic tubes, melted plastic wrapping, foam, McFlurry lids, lentils, cheerio cereal and other household objects.

"The spine down the back is made from egg cartons and the fin is toothpicks, tissue paper and liquid latex. The barnacles on the costume are cheerio cereal that has had poly filler set around them and painted.”

Annalise was keen to thank the Casino community for its support.

"I am honestly living my dream here and I am being continuously inspired by the British culture, architecture, wildlife and all that the university has to offer. This journey is shaping me into a better costume designer and all the knowledge that I take away from here I will keep for life.”