Meat co-op jumps onboard to help Ginger the working dog

THE project to acknowledge the role of the working dog in the life of our cattle industry has taken a major step forward with the news that the Northern Co-operative Meat Company has come on board as a major sponsor with a donation of $5000.

Bonalbo Show Society project co-ordinator, Sharon Tucker, said she was confident that the life-size bronze statue of working dog Ginger will now be a reality after the confidence and support shown by the NCMC.

Donations by the local and wider community have increased and the total funds pledged now stand well over $7000.

Ms Tucker said plans to raise the final amount needed included more local fundraisers, the continuation of the gofundme site for those who are out of the area and approaches to several possible sponsors who have businesses or interests in the area.

Mayor Danielle Mulholland from Kyogle Council has been strongly supportive, Ms Tucker said.

The first dog trials working with cattle were held at the Bonalbo Show in 1950 and they were won by Bonalbo local Bob Taylor with his dog, Ginger.

One of the original organisers and competitors, Fraser Ramsey, has competed every year since - 66 years in all.

Cattle dog trials are now held all over Australia.

"Cattle dog trials are now part of every country show, a real Australian icon, and it all started here in Bonalbo," Ms Tucker said.

"Such an iconic event deserves the best tribute to our best mates - a classic bronze of Ginger".