PROUD PARENTS: Eric Kok and Angela Bullemor holding their Australia Day baby Tristan.
PROUD PARENTS: Eric Kok and Angela Bullemor holding their Australia Day baby Tristan. Contributed

Meet Mackay's first new Australian, born 12:40am

JANUARY 26 is Australia Day to some, Invasion Day to others but for little Tristan Bullemor-Kok it will always be a birthday.

The now-one-day-old little boy was born at Mackay Base Hospital at 12.40am yesterday in what was a quick labour for mother of three, Angela Bullemor.

Thursday night she had been given pain killers and sleeping tablets as Tristan wasn't due soon, but apparently he had other ideas.

The contractions were too painful, so Angela was whisked away to the operating room.

Tristan had plenty of endeavour, born within an hour and 10 minutes and weighing a healthy 3750 grams.

"I was really pedantic that I wanted him to be born on an even numbered day and I am happy for it to be Australia Day," Angela said.

"I am not into this rubbish that is going on about changing the date.

"Now everyone will have a public holiday on his birthday and everyone will be able to go to his parties."

The daughter of a coal miner who grew up in Dysart, was a proud Australian and liked that Tristan was born on the national holiday.

And like the former Prime Minister Bob Hawke's quote "the world will not wait for us", Tristan wasted no time in leaving the hospital either. "We basically hung around until all the grandparents came up and then we were off," Angela said.

"He is very healthy and we're both doing well."

Yesterday afternoon her plans of enjoying delicious food at Harrup Park for Australia Day had been ruined, and she couldn't be happier. Tristan was asleep resting on Angela with her other two children in awe.

"Ashton, my three-year-old, is very excited, he loves his little brother," she said.

"Maddison is my 15-year-old daughter and she wanted a little sister but she got a boy, but she loves him too."