Melanie Griffith.
Melanie Griffith.

Melanie Griffith ostracised over past

ANTONIO Banderas thinks Melanie Griffith's drug addiction made her a Hollywood outcast.

The 53-year-old actress became reliant on prescription pills - forcing her to take a career break - and after receiving treatment her actor spouse says she has now been completely clean for a long time, though he admits her struggle impacted on both their relationship and her career.

He said: "We had problems and she had problems which she had to put together. She did and she's working again, and I am so happy. And now there is total acceptance in her, you know, that she is 53 and that she is not going to be the 'girl', 'very sexy' anymore and she love that, too.

"She was addicted to pills - that was her problem, but she totally recovered in the last three years and has been totally sober and great.

"We had to deal with that - professionally. I am telling you now about our personal life, but professionally that is why she just disappeared. Because in Hollywood that is anathema."

Antonio is pleased Melanie is working again because he believes she's a very talented actress but is still able to switch herself off from work.

The 50-year-old star told Empire magazine: "Melanie is the most detached person I have ever met in this professional world about how the people will perceive her. She's very authentic. She's way better than me - as an actress. She has something that is very difficult to obtain - you just get born with it or not."

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