Melanie Griffith slams 'superficial' Hollywood studios

Melanie Griffith
Melanie Griffith Bang Showbiz

MELANIE Griffith finds Hollywood a "superficial place".

The 56-year-old actress - who won a Global Award and was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in 1988 film 'Working Girl' - has lashed out at the acting capital branding it fake because it dismisses older women for major movie roles and is only interested in young, attractive actresses.

Speaking to FOX411, she said: "It is what I never thought would happen when I was in my 20s and 30s, hearing actresses bitch about not getting any work when they turned 50.

"Now I understand it, it is just different. In a lot of ways, [Hollywood is] a very superficial place.

"It is all about youth and beauty, for women anyway.

"You just have to keep biting and pushing your way through, doing theatre. I believe in just being really good and working on my craft which is how I started in the first place.

"I really like that as opposed to the fame part of it."

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Griffith - who is married to Antonio Banderas - has also hit out at the quality of modern movies and believes the film industry has taken a turn for the worst since her heyday.

She explained: "In this day and age ... most of the scripts are so sh**ty and stupid and superficial.

"It's not that I get that much stuff anymore. But I do read my husband's scripts and what he is offered ... The movie business has changed.

"I don't go to the movies these days because there is nothing to see. There is not very much, some little movies, but the big movies are all cartoons and super heroes."