Merkel warns climate change won't stop at Pacific Islands

GERMAN leader and European power player Angela Merkel has lent her voice to those of other global leaders and urged more Australian action on climate change.

After a speech in Sydney on Monday, Ms Merkel told the audience that climate change would not stop at the Pacific Islands, which was a further attack on Prime Minister Tony Abbott's refusal to promise further Australian action on the issue.

She also warned of potentially catastrophic environmental and economic impacts from climate change, in the wake of the United States-China deal on limiting emissions.

It comes after the G20 overall promised more action on what should be done post-2020, when the current climate commitments expire, despite the Australian Government voicing no plans for action after 2020.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt told ABC Radio on Monday the government was already taking action, through its $2.5 billion emissions reduction fund, despite doubts as to whether current plans will actually result in the promised emissions reductions.