Managing director Peter Henderson Metgasco.
Managing director Peter Henderson Metgasco. Jacklyn Wagner

Metgasco defends offering experts, DVDs to schools

METGASCO CEO Peter Henderson has defended his company's offer to provide staff to speak at high schools and a DVD, Switch, about future energy needs.

He said the DVD was not pro-gas but showed "the strengths and weaknesses of all energy forms and the challenges ahead".

He said it was similar to Dick's Smith's program that aired on the ABC last week.

"Senior science teachers and their principals can make the choice about whether they wish to make use of the DVD." Mr Henderson said.

"Technical professionals have often presented at schools.

"Metgasco offered to make its geologists and geo- scientists available to talk about science and what careers in geoscience can offer.

"We think many students will be interested. We did not offer to talk about coal seam gas.

"Principals can review and influence the material to be presented and decide whether to accept our offer."