Metgasco boss Peter Henderson.
Metgasco boss Peter Henderson. Mireille Merlet-Shaw

Govt confusing "consultation" with "persuasion": Metgasco

METGASCO yesterday submitted new evidence to the Supreme Court over its "unlawful" licence suspension ahead of the final court hearing date set for October.

The NSW Government will also submit evidence to argue its case in the coming weeks.

Managing director Peter Henderson criticised the NSW Office of Coal Seam Gas, saying it was confusing community "consultation" with "persuasion".

He argued that genuine consultation could not require everybody to agree, "particularly if the community is taken to include people living in a very wide region and activist protesters".

"If this is a 'new standard' to be adopted, new mines, dams, motorways, railways and airports will struggle to be built in NSW," he said.

The government has claimed the company has failed to properly consult the community.