Meth accused bailed despite history of breaches

A SUPREME Court judge has "hesitantly” granted Gladstone man bail despite his history of breaking the law while on bail or parole.

Gladstone electrician Jeffery David Johnson has been accused of drugs and weapons offences including possessing a commercial quantity of meth.

Over three days in January, police allege Mr Johnson was found illegally possessing weapons and then possessing 48g of the drug meth.

At the time he was on parole for other offences and was returned to jail.

On Friday, Mr Johnson applied for bail in Brisbane Supreme Court. The court heard he had a job as an electrician lined up upon his release, would check in with police every day of the week if needed and hoped to go to rehab.

But Crown prosecutor Zachary Kaplan told the court Mr Johnson had a history of committing crimes while he was on bail or parole.

Mr Kaplan said Mr Johnson remained a high risk of reoffending despite the bail obligations.

"He had reporting duties when he committed the crimes he is accused of now. He was working as an electrician when he committed the crimes he is accused of now,” he said.

But Justice Helen Bowskill allowed Mr Johnson bail on the condition he report to police six days per week and see a doctor to work on a plan to kick his drug habit.

She said it was "not without hesitation” that she granted bail but believed the stringent conditions would keep him from breaking the law. -NewsRegional