The man was given a final chance.
The man was given a final chance. Martin Sykes

Judge: Meth lab could have blown up with babies in home

A MAN has escaped spending time behind bars after police found a meth lab in the laundry of his family home.

Scott Wayne Leather, 34, pleaded guilty in Bundaberg District Court on Monday to to producing a dangerous drug.

Crown prosecutor Christopher Cook told the court police executed a searched warrant on Leather's home in Svensson Heights in 2018 where they found a meth lab in the laundry area along with cold and flu tablets, a key ingredient to make ice.

Mr Cook said there were also children's toys stored adjacent to the set-up.

The court heard Leather was using the lab to create his own supply of methamphetamines, which had been consumed at the time of the search.

There was no evidence as to how much of the drug had been produced.

Mr Cook classified Leather as a mature-aged offender, with previous drug offences on his history.

Leather's barrister Callan Cassidy told the court his client's criminal history began at 30 years old after his life "spiralled out of control".

He said Leather began using drugs after the breakdown of his 10-year marriage.

Leather also lost his job as a result of his drug use and went bankrupt.

Mr Cassidy said his client accepted he had a problem with drugs and wanted to become drug free.

Judge Leanne Clare told Leather drug labs located in suburban areas were dangerous.

"It was dangerous to your neighbours and your family … they are prone to blowing up, you had babies in that house," she said.

"Meth is a bad drug, it will destroy you if you continue … there can be no question that you need help.

"It is frustrating that a magistrate gave you opportunities and you never followed them up."

Judge Clare said she would give Leather one last chance.

"If you fail a drug test, you should expect parole to take you in (to jail)," she said.

Leather was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment with immediate parole.

A serious drug offence certificate was also issued.