FRESH: Tim Fitz, Hannah Joy and Harry Day are an indie pop rock trio from Sydney known as The Middle Kids.
FRESH: Tim Fitz, Hannah Joy and Harry Day are an indie pop rock trio from Sydney known as The Middle Kids.

Middle Kid makes Falls debuts with an edge

SYDNEY band Middle Kids only released their first single, Edge of Town, earlier this year but the band is expected to be one of the musical discoveries of 2017.

Front-woman Hannah Joy admitted the trio is looking forward to their biggest show to date at Falls Festival.

"We just played our first two festival in the last couple of weeks, but Falls will definitely be a lot bigger and it's very exciting," she said.

"I was doing a solo project as Hannah Joy and then Tim (Fitz) started to play with me a little over a year ago, but we only just started Middle Kids when Harry (Day) joined us about eight months ago, so it's still pretty fresh."

Edge of Town was released last May, released first via Triple J Unearthed.

"That song was originally made for my Hannah Joy project, and then we decided to form a band and put that out."

Joy, who wrote the song and arranged it with Tim Fitz, described Edge of Town as "a non-fictional account of a girl who got swallowed up by the earth."

Middle Kids will be releasing an EP in February, so their Falls show will allow them to premiere some new tunes.

"We will play some of the new stuff for the EP and some tracks we are working on for our album," Hannah Joy said.

The singer announced the band will be joined by a second guitarist at Falls, "which is sweet so we can really rock out."

Also in February, Middle Kids will be travelling to the USA, with an Australian tour in the plans for April next year.

Middle Kids recently came back from Europe after winning a competition to play at the Iceland Airways Music Festival in Reykjavik in November.

"The festival is fantastic because it happens in venues across the city," Joy said.

"It was really cool playing because some people knew some of our songs, which was totally wild."

"That festival was a special time for us"

In Iceland, Middle Kids shared the line up with bands such as The Internet, Of Monsters & Men, Warpaint, Santigold, and PJ Harvey, and visited the personal studio of Sigur Rós.

For details visit the Falls Festival website.