Crushing at the Farleigh Mill has started.
Crushing at the Farleigh Mill has started. Tony Martin

"Significant failures" force mill to close for two days

FARLEIGH Mill will stop crushing for two days to address a number of critical maintenance issues.

The stoppage will start at 5am Wednesday, and will continue into Thursday. It is expected to extend the season by about 16 hours, according to Mackay Sugar.

"The critical job to be completed during this stoppage is the replacement of the Primary Juice Tank," a notice from Mackay Sugar to growers read. "This tank had been identified for replacement during the 2017/2018 maintenance season, however due to two sudden and significant failures of the conical bottom along fabrication crease lines this work will be brought forward.

"A new tank is being fabricated and will be installed on the existing structure."

The miller will also take the opportunity to complete a number of smaller jobs during the extended stoppage.

"While two days has been scheduled to complete the work, this is the best case scenario, and there is a risk that due to the number of jobs to be completed it may extend over this timing," a notice to growers said.