Metgasco unhappy with tactics by all sides of politics

MINING company Metgasco has launched its own last-minute protest against both sides of the political fray just two days before the election.

Chief executive officer Peter Henderson painted a grim picture to the Australian Domestic Gas Outlook conference in Sydney.

He said vote-hungry politicians and ring-in activists had held the gas industry to ransom for four years.

Casino and Grafton residents largely supported responsible CSG mining activity, but the debate had been hijacked by Greens supporters in the Ballina and Tweed state electorates, he said.

"We believe we have enjoyed solid community support around Casino, in our exploration licences," he said.

"The bulk of community opposition comes from coastal areas, Nimbin and the university town of Lismore.

"These areas are all outside our exploration licence areas and have little, if any exploration potential whatsoever.

"This does not dampen the passionate opposition to our industry by an element of these communities.

"It does not stop their respective state and federal politicians using CSG as a central point of their election campaigns."

Mr Henderson was critical of both Labor and the Coalition government, who he said imposed regulation after regulation without proper consultation, only to then cancel Metgasco's licence in Bentley.

"Debate on the basis of science and engineering has been almost non-existent," he said.

"Instead, the debate has been allowed to proceed on social media, with absolutely no regard for the truth, and public meetings made useless by people who shout and spit at those they disagree with."