The prospect of a $5 toilet charge had residents outraged.
The prospect of a $5 toilet charge had residents outraged. Vicheslav

MISTAKEN OUTRAGE: $5 toilet fee a misunderstanding

AN EXPLOSIVE Facebook post from a misunderstanding over a $5 charge for a toilet key has left business BP Broadwater scrambling to tell the public and customers the charge was a false accusation.

Michelle Leiper posted on Ballina Information Exchange: "Heads up folks if you are heading south a wish to go to the toilet at the BP petrol station at Broadwater you will charged $5.00 for the key".

From there outrage broke out from more than 50 comments and 39 shares with Facebookers describing it as a "low act" and "disgusting", even though there are free public toilets down the road and there is in fact no charge for the toilet key at the BP.

The BP business owner said there was "absolutely no truth" behind the post.

"We never refuse customers, we've never said no to anybody.

"There is absolutely no truth behind it, it was taken out of proportion."

He said if he were to introduce a $5 charge it would be "suicide" to his business.

"This is the position we're in on the highway, and I know what it's like to be a traveller.

"But every second day the toilets get blocked.

"Twice a day we have to wait for an hour and close it because people use so much toilet paper.

"Every two hours one of my staff spends a good 15-20 minutes cleaning the toilet...I take my hats off to them."