Simple hints and tips to help your money go further

MOST of us live within a limited budget. But for seniors, that budget can be sorely tested - with many living on the pension, every cent really does count.

While most of us loathe the concept of living within a budget, the alternative of being in debt and stressed is worse.

I suggest you start by thinking about how much you spend per week on household and living expenses.

Most households have to allow for the expenses in their weekly or monthly budget that include utilities, phone, mobile, internet, mortgage or rent, council rates, food, car and insurance, the list goes on.

But the point is, make a comprehensive list of what your monthly outgoings are.

One of the easiest ways to save money is to shop around for the best deals, don't just take the first or easiest option.

A good example of that is power (gas and electricity) and health insurance.

These costs can vary greatly, so it really is worth your time and energy

But there are some financial advantages only seniors enjoy.

Aside from tax-free super drawdowns, the biggest benefit to seniors is the Seniors Card.

These are available to Australians aged 60 and over.

Eligibility varies slightly in each State and Territory.

The card is not means tested and will give you access to a large range of living, travel and entertainment discounts.

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