POPULAR: Jessica Alyssa Cerro, who performs as Montaigne, is an Australian pop singer, songwriter and musician.
POPULAR: Jessica Alyssa Cerro, who performs as Montaigne, is an Australian pop singer, songwriter and musician.

Montaigne brings new complex album

ONE of the most powerful and enigmatic artists to come out of Australia recent years, Jessica Cerro, known as Montaigne, is an art pop singer-songwriter and musician.

After her debut album, Glorious Heights was released in 2016, she won Breakthrough Artist category at the ARIA Music Awards that year.

Complex is her second album, released in August, and she is bringing her current tour to the Northern Rivers.

Besides her upcoming show, the artist will be back to the Northern Rivers for the Byron Bay leg of Falls Festival on the New Year.

The artist said the songs from Complex demanded fro her to improve as a vocalist, particularly after injuring herself at the end of the Glorious Heights album.

"During and after recording Glorious Heights, I lost my voice because to stress and because of the vocals were really hard to do," she remembered.

"I had to into speech therapy and singing lessons to ensure that didn't happen again.

"She gave me tips on how top relax my body and my face while singing, she taught me how to calm down a little bit, and I am a lot more consistent with my practice now too, and also while touring my voice became stronger, but now I practice every day and the record is better because I can sing better."

The songs in Complex came from her own experiences in life or things she expects they will happen to her in the future, Montaigne said.

"The Dying Song I started writing in my parent's piano, and it ties in my love for video games, fantasy and sci-fi," she said.

"It's mixed voice of various video games characters that embody certain traits on video games and fantasy

"The idea is that it's this chosen one protagonist who has been tasked to save the world, or save the town, or save the universe as a single person.

"What interests me from that narrative is the idea that that's not possible in real life; if we tasked one single human with saving everything - we are deeply floored creatures - if that person staffed up even a little bit, then it's all over.

"Of course in video games you die a few times, and you get to play again and again, the game wants you to win, but in real life if you are the only one that can save the whole world and you die, the whole world is gone!

"I thought that was a funny and interesting thing to contemplate. Here is a song that we can all sing together when everything inevitable falls into doom!"

At The Northern, Byron Bay, on Saturday, November 16, from 9pm.