Max Fleet

Moranbah is one of Australia's best paid regions

THE Central Queensland mining town of Moranbah was one of Australia's best paid regions in 2010-11, with local workers earning an average $83,000 that financial year.

Figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics confirmed the mining town was among the top high-paid areas outside of capital cities in 2010-11.

Other mining regions featured strongly, with the highest average income in regional areas recorded for West Australia's Karratha, at $86,828 and Port Hedland, at $86,079.

But while miners are clearly padding their wallets, they still don't come close to the well-heeled residents of capital cities.

The figures showed residents of Melbourne's leafy suburb Toorak earned the highest income in 2010-11, at more than $150,000.

Other top five earning regions were Sydney's Mosman, at $142,000, Double Bay-Bellevue Hill at $141,000 and Hunters Hill-Woolwich at $138,000, followed by Perth's Cottesloe at $125,000.

The national average for total income was $52,240, while residents of the Australian Capital Territory had the highest total average income at $61,608.