Mark Furler.
Mark Furler.

Slipper treating voters as fools

PETER Slipper must think we are fools.

He releases 13 Cabcharge dockets filled out with the most basic of scrawls and calls it public accountability.

"Suburbs to suburbs", "city to city" and "city to airport" provide the level of detail for his taxpayer funded trips costing anything from $55 to $275 a pop.

Even the most basic scrutiny of the dockets raise more questions than answers.

What city in Australia has the sort of cab fares that Peter Slipper is consistently claiming?

In Sydney, Mr Slipper's favourite place to frequent, the cab fare from the city to the airport is about $40.

And who would consider it is ever appropriate to catch a limousine from your home in Buderim to the airport in Brisbane at a cost of almost $300.

Peter Slipper's claim that he has been proven innocent should be considered with the same sense of cynicism as his claim that he was cleared over his 2009 expenses.

In the last six months of that year, Mr Slipper's office and travel expenses were a scandalous $640,000.

Mr Slipper at the time defended the huge cost by saying he had relocated his office - from Maroochydore to Kawana - at a cost of more than $300,000.

By anyone's standard that is an obscene waste of money especially when you consider a neighbouring MP did it for a fraction of that.

The Daily has pursued Mr Slipper not because of an alleged sex scandal but because our readers - many of whom are doing it tough - are sick of seeing politicians with their snouts in the trough - especially when the return on investment is so poor.

They wonder, like we do, why both sides of politics have covered up for Mr Slipper who has indeed been a "protected species" for years.

Canberra journalists, some of whom are obviously too close to the subjects they write about, must share some of the blame.

We can only hope that both sides of politics will bring some accountability back.