A mother has been jailed for 10 years’ for her role in molesting her two young daughters with the girls’ stepfather. Picture: iStock.
A mother has been jailed for 10 years’ for her role in molesting her two young daughters with the girls’ stepfather. Picture: iStock.

Mother lured own daughters into rapist monster’s bed

A WOMAN filmed her sex monster husband repeatedly rape her daughters because she feared he would send her and the girls back to the Philippines.

The mother, aged in her 30s, would also send lewd images of her daughters, then aged 7 and 10, to her fly-in fly-out husband whenever he asked her to.

The horrific child sex abuse case was heard in graphic detail in Brisbane District Court where the woman was sentenced to 10 years' jail for her part in the abuse that spanned seven months in 2018.

Rapist stepfather jailed for 'insidious' abuse

Prosecutor Elizabeth Kelso told the court the woman had met her husband, who died before the case came to court, on Filipino Cupid - an online dating site that pairs Filipino women with foreign men.

After proposing to her, the Brisbane man asked he to send lewd images of her daughters to him - which she did - because he "liked little girls".

"There can be no greater degree of a breach of trust," Ms Kelso said.

"She moved here knowing of his interest in young children."

On the first night at their new North Brisbane home, the girls were brought into a bedroom where they were forced to take part in a range of depraved sex acts with both their mother and stepfather.

Their mother would film the girls as they were raped even as they cried and told her it hurt, the court heard.

The abuse was part of a chilling pattern the girls endured over the next seven months when their stepfather returned from work each fortnight.

Ms Kelso said the girls were so corrupted that when a police officer asked one of them what their vagina was for, they told the officer it was for her "daddy's hand".

Defence barrister Amelia Loode explained to the court how her client had felt "trapped" in Australia and was fearful that her new husband's degrading sexual conduct would worsen if she tried to stop him.

Ms Loode said she thought she would be able to protect the girls from him, but ended up working "under a sense of compulsion" to allow him to abuse her daughters.

"It is consistent with her meek and submissive nature that she was engaged solely for (her husband's) sexual interest" she said.

The court was told that police discovered the abuse after a search warrant was executed at her husband's work while investigating unrelated child exploitation material.

He later committed suicide after being charged over the offences, while the girls' mother pleaded guilty to making child exploitation material and two charges of maintaining unlawful relationship with a child.

The Department of Child Safety are now seeking long term guardianship of the two girls.

Judge Paul Smith rejected that the woman was always acting under pressure from her husband, saying at any moment she could have returned to the Philippines where she had a supportive family.

"You knew that he was attracted to little girls and voluntarily and without pressure you sent those photos to him," he said.

Judge Smith told her that he was unsure if she had acted for her own sexual gratification - but either way she had a "big effect" on the lives of her two girls.

"I think it's true you had a desire to provide a better life for your children but it would appear that their life was terrible as it turned out," he said.

She will be deported back to the Philippines once she has served out her 10 year sentence. - NewsRegional


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