FAMILY TIME: A still from the film 2040, featuring filmmakers Zoe and Damon Gameau and their daughter Velvet.
FAMILY TIME: A still from the film 2040, featuring filmmakers Zoe and Damon Gameau and their daughter Velvet.

Movie review: A look into life in 2040

IN the year 2040, Velvet Gameau will in her mid-20s and her father, film maker Damon Gameau, will be in his mid-60s.

At the moment, Velvet is a young, happy and vivacious girl getting ready to start school. But what future lies ahead for her, and for all of her generation?

2040 is an audiovisual letter from Gameau to his daughter Velvet, who is about to start school, and a reflection about what life she will be living in the year 2040, when Gameau will be 64.

The film is a hybrid feature; it shows what the world could be like in 2040 and goes looking for seeds of that possible future in today's world, while highlighting obstacles but also exposing potential solutions available now.

Following on his 'pop-doco- style he used with That Sugar Film (2012), Gameau cleverly uses special effects to make the 'dry' content of the documentary, the expert's testimonials, in a fun, engaging way.

Damon Gameau pitched the 2040 idea to Good Picture, an organisation that choose six films and put film makers in touch with philanthropists.

The documentary was one of only six Australian films selected to go to Berlinale in Germany last year and has already attracted interest overseas.

The film will have a number of different reincarnations: it will be made into a book, and a free lesson plan for Year 5 to Year 10 students to use in schools across the country is also being developed.

There is also be a website (, a portal that allows people to make their own personalised climate plan.

Gameau offers some clever re-branding and positive language to drawn the cynicism that environmental discussion brings in most people.

Velvet's generation is now 'the Regeneration', and Gameau visited several different countries to ask them what the want from their futures.

The children's candid, funny answers inevitable hit ever parent in the cinema, and remind you of your younger self, with all your hopes, aspirations and great wishes for humanity, before 'adult' happened.

Some of the answers offered in the film will shock you, but always in a positive way, almost when you check on your wallet and you realise you had an extra $50 on it.

This could be a great film to watch with children and their grandparents, and see the type of conversation that will ensue afterwards.

At the core of this film is the message that despite the fact that we face big challenges, unavoidable problems and we have a lack of leadership, we have all the solutions within reach, and above all we have the responsibility to make it happen, for ourselves, for Velvet and her generation.


  • Director: Damon Gameau
  • Stars: Damon Gameau, Eva Lazzaro, Zoe Gameau
  • Rating: G
  • Reviewer: Javier Encalada
  • Verdict: 4.5/5